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Fantasies to Faith Art Contest Winners

Over 30,000 orphans from 51 regions of Russia participated in an annual Fantasies to Faith Art Contest. Of the tens of thousands of entries, 149 were exhibited in Moscow, and ten children were selected to come to America based on their artwork and answers to the questions.  Here are those artworks (and some of their answers) that the winning children were on exhibit at the TEAR Spring Dinner, Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA

Theme: The Meaning of Life


  1. What do you know about Christmas?

  2. How do you understand a theme of the contest?

  3. The meaning of life is .......

  4. What does the Bible say about the meaning of human life?

  5. What commandments from the Bible do you know?




Voronezh Region


I painted a young woman with a child in her hands. They are going to the church. The mother is teaching her child to love and respect Orthodox beliefs. Every person should know all of God’s commandments to be able to fulfill them.


Tatarstan Republic

“Best of All Gifts”

Parents gave a Bible as a gift to children. This is most kind and wise book.
I was thinking about the meaning of life for a while. I asked my caregivers; all of them had different opinions. I think after I finish a school I will get a good job. Then I will probably get married. I will raise my children and help my wife. On weekends we will go to a park or into the woods to pick mushrooms and berries.  Then I will become a grandfather and will help to raise my grandchildren. It is very wonderful when you have a kind and wise grandfather.

3 anatoly.png


Tula Region

“Christmas at Grandmother’s House”

The meaning of life is to love your country, your loved one and all nations. A commandment from the Bible, “…don’t work on Sunday, rest.”


Leningrad Region

“To Live to Work, to Work to Live”

The life will be over if a man stops working. The meaning of a life is to do a favor for someone.

4 liubov.png
5 anastasya.png


Leningrad Region

“Happy Moments”

To celebrate Christmas the hosts invited only people who are close to the family, and who bring happiness. In the Bible it says, “Don't wish for yourself what others have; believe in a true faith.”


Leningrad Region


If there is not agreement between men and nature there is no harmony. Men must leave a big and bright “footprint,” or a sign in society.

6 ruslan petrov.png
7 nadezda.png


Mordovia Republic

“Everlasting Love”

A mother and son are a symbol of love itself. Two colors, two worries, two souls – all this creates a picture of love for parents who care for their children. It is us today and tomorrow. …. Love treats a man’s soul. I read the Bible many times and understood for myself that religion helps in life. In the Bible we find all answers on how to live right.


Mordovia Republic

"Wonderful Night"

My angel! You are always with me! The meaning of life is to be a man in any circumstances. There are many different commandments in the Bible, but my favorite is "to love others as yourself."

8 kristina.png
9 alexei.png


Moscow Region

“My First Book”

Sergei Radonezski, when he was a little child, wanted to learn to read and most of all to read the Bible. He used to go to a church to study. Later he became the most educated and well-known priest in the Christian world in Russia. And this is why an education is a way to God.
I participated in the contest for 4 years.


Moscow Region


My dream is to get a good education. I don't know who I will become in the future. I hope my Angel-Keeper will help me in it. The meaning in life is to become a worthy citizen of Russia.

10 oleg.png
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