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The Future of a Winner


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Albina Bugrova is a beautiful reflection of how God can multiply the efforts of an outreached ‘heart of love.’ At 14 years of age, Albina would soon be facing the reality of having to leave the orphanage in Nizhnekamsk, Russia, only to face worse conditions alone; perhaps even be forced to live out in the cold streets as she struggled to survive from day to day.  With no other choices, she could quickly be snatched up into a corrupt and degrading way of life with no hope for a better tomorrow.
After becoming one of the winners in the ‘Fantasies to Faith’ Art Contest, experiencing America for a short time, and being loved on by many of you, she finally had a choice for a better life and was changed forever.
After leaving the orphanage, Albina went on to High School and graduated with good grades.  Barbara and Mark Hollo, whom she had stayed with in America, supported her the entire first year of college and now TEAR has the privilege of sponsoring her as she attends college in the region of Tatarstan, Russia, and works toward her goal of becoming a Teacher.
Albina continues to display her artistic talents in the area of dancing, painting and singing in her college work and in her involvement in the local community.

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